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Hello and thanks for stopping by.

I’m Tom Hogue, owner and sole proprietor of webhombres.com. I work part time for an investor relations company smallcapvoice.com.┬áIn addition I provide web site solutions for small businesses, organizations and individuals. I work from my home office in Alpine, California.

There are a number of different components and methods to putting together a web site. What I do is give you low cost options and bring them all together to create a functional and user friendly web site. I can assist you with domain registration, hosting, email publishing, web site and blog design. I am well versed in WordPress installation and set up as well as theme design.

Why Web Hombres?

So you can spend more time focusing on your business rather than figuring out how to build your web site. I’ll get you up and running and you can take it from there!

Please contact me to discuss a solution that’s right for you.